UK Renewables breaks another record!

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UK Renewables breaks another record!

UK Renewables breaks another record!

Renewable energy generation has broken another record on Wednesday 7th June at 1PM with renewable energy providing 50.7% of the demand (18.7GW).

National Grid confirmed that for the first time more than half of the electricity demand of the UK was supplied by low-carbon fuels such as solar, biomass, hydro and wind. If nuclear is added in to the equation then by 2PM low carbon sources were producing 72.1% of electricity in the UK!

Wednesday lunchtime had the perfect weather for the renewables, both sunny and windy at the same time!

These records are a testament to the UK and what we are trying to achieve with this being the first time every that solar, nuclear and wind were generating more than both gas and coal combined. It is obvious that the weather conditions are not always perfect for renewables generation but the UK has achieved a new record.

With further solar and wind developments in the pipeline it can be expected that the production from renewables will increase in the future. The last few days have been very impressive for generation and it was lucky that the consistently high winds happened during the week when more power is used; if it was the weekend then we wouldn’t have required as much power – would it be worth-while investing in storage systems??

Featured image taken from @Draxnews.

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