RHI Rates Increase for Heat Pumps

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RHI Rates Increase for Heat Pumps

Last week the Government announced that RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) rates for heat pumps are going to increase. The scheme has already helped thousands of people successfully receive payments for switching to more efficient forms of heating and this announcement will be a welcome surprise to anyone looking to install a heat pump in the near future.

The RHI is a Government financial incentive to encourage the use of renewable heating. Opting for an air source or ground source heat pump instead of a conventional fossil fuel boiler can offer significant savings on heating costs in addition to earning money from the RHI scheme. The RHI is available for both domestic & non-domestic properties.

Solar Living are premium installers of Panasonic & Samsung heat pumps and offer a full installation service and RHI commissioning on all installation. Costs for installations typically range between £6k-£9k with payback periods between 5-6 years.

For more information on heat pumps and RHI eligibility please call us today on 01531 670928.

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