Mr & Mrs Evans (Solar & Heat Pump!)

Mr & Mrs Evans (Solar & Heat Pump!)

For homeowners looking for the ultimate in fuel efficiency, installing solar panels in conjunction with an air source heat pump is pretty much perfect. Mr & Mrs Evans were a lovely couple who wanted a setup that would bring their property into the 21st century and create a sustainable future for their family home.


Their old oil boiler was coming to the end of its life and needed changing so when they visited our showroom we told them about air source heat pumps and how much more efficient they are compared to conventional boilers. We also showed them our live solar systems we have on display and explained that they could use the electricity generated from solar panels to help run the heat pump. They were extremely interested and requested a home survey.


During our visit we completed a heat loss calculation on their property to ascertain what size heat pump was required and measured their available roof space to assess the suitability of solar panels. From the outset it was obvious that the Evans’ were keen on fitting top quality products at their property and were impressed with the Panasonic heat pumps and SunPower solar panels. We therefore designed a system that incorporated these two manufacturers that was within their budget.


Another key benefit of installing heat pumps with solar panels with Solar Living is that we are able to register your system for BOTH Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) & Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) payments. For homeowners these payments are TAX FREE and indexed link annually with RPI inflation. This allows you to earn a significant return on your initial investment as well as providing savings on heating and electricity.