Madley Primary School

Madley Primary School

Schools have notoriously high energy costs due to large amounts of lighting, heating, electronic devises and canteen facilities. Madley School in Herefordshire are no exception and after discussions with the Chair of Governors Gary Johnson it was evident that he was passionate about tackling their energy costs for future generations.


We carried out visits to the school to discuss Gary’s ideas and began formulating a proposal for a solar system that would help offset their high electricity usage and be eligible for Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) payments. The great benefit of fitting solar panels on school buildings is that their activity is almost entirely during daylight hours (when the solar system is generating!). This means that solar panels have a substantial reduction in their electricity costs.


In order to achieve an installation that would be large enough to have the desired impact on the school’s electricity bills and also provide the best FIT investment return we had to fit the panels over a variety of different roofs (see video below). The panels were fitted on a combination of pitched-slate and flat-felt roofs. This required specialist planning from our electrician who ensured that each part of the system was balanced and configured to deliver optimum generation.


Madley School requested that we install the system in half term to avoid any disruption to their everyday routine. We therefore had to work to a tight schedule in erecting scaffolding to install 150 solar modules before removing the scaffolding ahead of the start of the new term.