Direct Online Services (DOS) Ltd

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Direct Online Services (DOS) Ltd

We were approached by kitchen component specialists Direct Online Services (DOS) Ltd who enquired about energy saving products for their new building. It was clear that DOS were committed to a long term vision for the company and wanted to invest in a project that was going to provide significant benefits for future years. Their electricity bill was a huge liability due to their manufacturing processes and large office team. An annual usage was around 164MW per annum inevitably contributed to a massive electricity bill.


After discussions with the company directors we began to work on a feasibility study for a solar PV system. We liaised with Western Power Distribution to enquire how much solar energy they would allow us to connect to their new building and presented the options to DOS.


Once we had the necessary permissions from Western Power we presented the options to DOS and explained the electricity savings they can expect to achieve and the financial benefits of the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT). We agreed that installing a 100kW solar system would offer the company a fantastic return on their investment via the FIT scheme and significantly reduce their electricity costs.


The installation was completed within 2 weeks and the scaffolding was coordinated with the factory to ensure minimal disruption for the duration of the works. Solar Living organised every part of the installation and assisted DOS with the necessary FIT paperwork.