Solved! Get around grid restrictions by using our Export Limiters

Export Limiter

Solved! Get around grid restrictions by using our Export Limiters

For years property owners wishing to install larger solar systems to the national grid have been restricted by the amount of solar energy that can be exported into the network. When we are asked to provide a feasibility study for a commercial solar installation we need to enquire to the DNO (District Network Operator) to confirm how much solar generation can be connected to the electrical supply in-situ. Due to the increased number of solar installations connected over the past few years many areas in the UK have saturated grid networks. This has meant that in many cases larger projects have had be scaled down significantly, causing frustrations for property owners wishing to install large solar systems for their business premises. Fortunately Solar Living have an answer to this problem!

We are now able to offer sophisticated restricted export software with all commercial installations to help achieve the desired capacity. For example, if a business wants to install say 100kW but the local DNO in only allowing them to connect or export 30kW we are able to install the full 100kW and program the system to only export 30kW. This allows system owners to use more energy from the solar panels for their own consumption, while maintaining the export limit set by the DNO.

This will come as welcome news to businesses who want to cut their electricity costs by using solar energy. For more information on our Export Limiters and commercial solar installations please call us today on 01531 670928.

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