British Industry Faces Energy Cost Crisis

UK Industry faces higher energy costs than the EU

British Industry Faces Energy Cost Crisis

There is an increasing concern in the commercial and industrial sectors that UK businesses are paying far too much for their energy. In fact the cost they bear is second only to Denmark across the EU! The issue was recently raised at the Treasury over fears that the UK would struggle to attract inward investment due to high energy costs. Today, an annual electricity bill for one of Britain’s top 10 highest energy users stands at around £120m per year and experts are warning this will rise to £170m within a few years.


In an article this week published by the Daily Telegraph, Ilesh Patel, from Baringa Partners, spent the summer working with large industrial users hoping to manage the looming cost crisis. He suggested that solar energy is an obvious option for business suggesting; ‘reducing reliance on the main power grid by generating own electricity from small-scale power projects on their own sites. These could take the shape of solar panels or micro gas plants which create both heat and power. The mini-system could also include battery storage.’


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