Battery Storage to soar in the UK

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Battery Storage to soar in the UK

Home battery storage systems are set to take off in the UK.

Greg Clark set out today (24/7/2017) on how UK consumers could save between £17bn and £40bn in electrical costs between now and 2050.

There are a number of key factors:

  • At present the National Grid has to create available electricity to meet peak use. This is much more expensive than producing an average or consistent amount of electricity
  • As an incentive the UK consumer gets charged more because of this. In addition it is possible to get peak/off peak rates to encourage spreading the load.
  • Solar and wind power growth over the last 5 years has meant that there is now a significant capacity of the grid in the hands of local homes, companies and organisations.
  • There is an issue with renewable energy in that the electricity is not always produced when it is most needed.
  • Battery storage can act as a short term buffer. The tariffs do not currently help the customer choose batteries.
  • However there are new tariffs that have just started that, using smart meters, can vary charges much more than traditional meters. This could mean much higher charges at traditional peak times, but much lower charges at off peak times.
  • Were batteries installed in homes then they could use their solar power to charge the battery and then release it when it is most needed. (very roughly a 4kW solar system can produce most if not all of an average homes electrical needs).
  • If you have no solar power then you could use the batteries to store electricity from the grid at night and then release during the day.

Can you start today?

Companies such as Green Energy UK have already started offering split tariffs where the rates can change between 4.99p and 24.99p if you have a smart meter. The Daily Telegraph has highlighted that this could save customers today about £200 from the average bill for the same usage. So the answer is YES!

There are a few variables with battery systems. Do you have lead acid or lithium batteries? How much storage do you need? How long will they last?

Battery systems can start below £2,000. However these will probably only store around 2kW. The average home uses around 4000 kW per annum, which is over 10kW per day on average.

Battery systems can also be expanded easily to 10kW with lithium batteries, which will last longer and retain their charge for longer. Lead acid battery systems need to retain their charge to 50%. Therefore you need to buy 20kW to retain 10kW of charge. These battery systems are like your car battery, and are more bulky.

For the latest details on different battery systems, do contact us and find out if this would suit you.

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